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Peer tutors are student leaders who tutor other, often junior, students. Empirical studies have found that peer tutoring is beneficial to both the tutors, the tutees and instruction as a whole, and so it has been implemented in an increasing number of universities around the world.

The duties of peer tutors include the following:
The peer tutoring scheme (同輩教師計劃) is designed to achieve multiple goals:
2019 Peer tutors and mentors
Peer tutors (Computing): Stephen, Max, Fire, Jackie, Flow, WS and Robin
  • Mr. LOH Ka Hong, Max 陸嘉康 (BCOMPHITJ-SU71 Year 4)
  • Mr. TSOI Sai Wing, Stephen 蔡世荣 (BCOMPHITJ-SU71 Year 4)
  • Mr. LEE Chi Hon, Robin 李志洭 (BCOMPHITJ-SU71 Year 4)
  • Mr. LI Bangjie, Jacky 黎邦杰 (BCOMPHITJ-SU71 Year 3)
  • Mr. WONG Wing Shing 黃永誠 (BCOMPHITJ-SU71 Year 3)
  • Ms. CHAN Ka Yan, Fire 陳嘉欣 (BCOMPHITJ-SU71 Year 4)
  • Mr. LO Yiu Nam, Flow 羅耀男 (BCOMPHITJ-SU71 Year 3)
2018 Peer tutors and mentors
Peer tutors (Computing): Leone, Jacky, Tsz Kwan, Edmond, Lok Tin, Jerry, Lily, Xiya, Christy and Prof. Andrew Lui (supervisor)
  • Mr. CHAN Tsz Kwan 陳子君 (BCOMPHITJ-SU71 Year 4)
  • Ms. HO Ca Ly, Lily 何嘉莉 (BCOMPHITJ-SU71 Year 4)
  • Mr. HO Lok Tin 何樂天 (BCOMPHITJ-SU71 Year 4)
  • Ms. TSOI Wan Ting Christy 蔡蘊婷 (BCOMPHITJ-SU71 Year 4)
  • Mr. WOO Man Long, Edmond 胡文朗 (BCOMPHITJ-SU71 Year 4)
  • Mr. YIP Chun YIn, Jerry 葉俊彥 (BCOMPHITJ-SU71 Year 4)
  • Ms. CHEN Xiya 陳茜椏 (BCOMPHITJ-SU71 Year 2)
  • Mr. LI Bangjie, Jacky 黎邦杰 (BCOMPHITJ-SU71 Year 2)
  • Mr. LI Shiwen, Leone 李世文 (BCOMPHITJ-SU71 Year 2)
2017 Peer tutors and mentors
Peer tutors and mentors (Computing): Back: Lam, Naomi, and Michael. Front: Yoga, Chiu Yin, Ben
  • Mr. FAN Chiu Yin 范超然 (BCOMPHITF-9717 Year 4)
  • Ms. FUNG Hei Tung, Naomi 馮希彤 (BCOMPHITJ-9717 Year 4)
  • Mr. LAU Wai Chung, Ben 劉偉聰 (BCOMPHITJ-9717 Year 4)
  • Mr. LEE Ho Lam 李皓霖 (BCOMPHITJ-9717 Year 4)
  • Mr. TIAN Yujia, Yoga 田雨佳 (BCOMPHITJ-9717 Year 4)
  • Mr. YEUNG Chun Sing, Michael 楊鎮聲 (BCOMPHITJ-9717 Year 4)

2016 Peer tutors and mentors
Peer tutors and mentors (Computing)
  • Mr. TANG Sin Hang, Kenny 鄧善恒 (BCOMPHITJ-9717 Year 4)
  • Mr. CHAU Cheuk Him 周卓謙 (BCOMPHITJ-9717 Year 4)
  • Mr. HO Kin Fai, Sam 何健暉 (BCOMPHITJ-9717 Year 4)
  • Ms. CHAN Pui Yu, Cyrstal 陳珮如 (BCOMPHITJ-9717 Year 4)
  • Mr. TSUI Yiu Chuen, Calvin 徐耀全 (BCOMPHITF-9717 Year 4)
  • Mr. YEE Cho Hin, Kelvin 余楚軒 (BCOMPHITJ-9717 Year 4)
2015 Peer tutors and mentors
Peer tutors and mentors (Computing)
  • Mr. PANG Yuen 彭源 (BCOMPHITJ-9717 Year 4)
  • Mr. LEUNG Ho Tin Terence 梁浩天 (BCOMPHITJ-9717 Year 4)
  • Ms. MA Pui Nam, Anna 馬佩萳 (BCOMPHITF-9717 Year 4)
  • Mr. LO Lam Chun, Valens 盧林俊 (BCOMPHITJ-9717 Year 4)
  • Ms. PANG Wai Ki, Kaya 彭慧琪 (BCOMPHITJ-9717 Year 4)
  • Mr. WONG Sui Cheung, Dic 黃瑞翔 (BCOMPHITJ-9717 Year 4)
  • Mr. SUNG Kai Yeung, Samsung 宋啟揚 (BCOMPHITJ-9717 Year 4)

Peer tutors and mentors (Web Technologies)
  • Mr. CHUNG Wai Kin, John 鍾偉健 (BSCHWTF Year 4)
  • Mr. LEUNG Hau Chung, Henry 梁效聰 (BSCHWTF Year 4)
2014 Peer tutors and mentors
Peer tutors and mentors (Computing)
  • Ms. Lui Kin Ching 雷健青 (BCOMPHITF Year 4)
  • Mr. Ngan Kin Cheung, Ken 顏建彰 (BCOMPHITF Year 4)
  • Mr. Li Ka Faat 李加發 (BSCHC-9707 Year 3)
  • Mr. Fung Kai Him, John 馮棨謙 (BSCHC-9707 Year 3)
  • Mr. Kwong Yiu Hang Alvin 鄺耀恆 (BSCHC-9707 Year 3)
  • Mr. Cheng Cheuk Hei, Chris 鄭焯熙 (BSCHC-9707 Year 3)
Peer tutors and mentors (Web Technologies)
  • Mr. Tang Yuen Ching 鄧沅靖 (BSCHWTF Year 4)
  • Mr. Kwok Chun Wai 郭鎮維 (BSCHWTF Year 4)
2013 Peer tutors and mentors
Peer tutors and mentors (Computing)
  • Mr. WONG Kwok Wai 王國維 (BCOMPHITF Year 4)
  • Mr. CHAN Ka Chun, EricB 陳嘉俊 (BSCHC-9707 Year 3)
  • Mr. CHAN Kai Long 陳啟朗 (BSCHC-9707 Year 3)
  • Mr. YUEN Chi Hang, Raymond 袁智衡 (BCOMPHITF Year 4)
  • Mr. FUNG Yin Chun 馮彥臻 (BSCHC-9707 Year 3)
  • Ms. WONG Yuen Kiu, Phoebe 黃婉翹 (BSCHC-9707 Year 3)
Peer tutors and mentors (Web Technologies)
  • Mr. NG Kong Chor 吳港初 (BSCHWTF Year 4)
2012 Peer tutors and mentors
  • Mr. CHAN Chun Kit, Kaisor 陳俊傑 (BSCHC-9707 Year 3)
  • Mr. CHAN Kwun Tat, Oscar 陳冠達 (BSCHC-9707 Year 3)
  • Ms. LAI Fung Ping, Mabel 黎鳳萍 (BSCHC-9707 Year 3)
  • Mr. LAI Ho Nam 黎浩男 (BSCHC-9707 Year 3)
  • Ms. CHAN Ka Yan, Jane 陳嘉欣 (BSCHC-9707 Year 3)
  • Mr. LEUNG Man Fai 梁文輝 (BSCHC-9707 Year 3)
  • Mr. WONG Yin Kit 黃賢杰 (BSCHWTF Year 4)
2011 Peer tutors and mentors
  • Mr. LAW Ka Hing Ken 羅嘉興 (BSCHC-9707 Year 3)
  • Mr. TANG Kin Man Vincent 鄧建民 (BCOMPHITF Year 4)
  • Mr. LUI Wing On Raytheon 雷永安 (BSCHC-9707 Year 3)
  • Ms. CHEUNG Wai Wong Jane 張偉旺 (BSCHC-9707 Year 3)
  • Ms. WONG Lai Shan 王麗珊 (BSCHC-9707 Year 3)
  • Ms. CHOW Hoi Wun Karen 周凱媛 (BSCHC-9707 Year 3)
  • Mr. TSANG Heung Kam 曾向錦 (BSCHC-9707 Year 3)
2010 Peer tutors and mentors
  • Ms. TAM Ming Ying (BSCHC Year 3)
  • Ms. LI Tak Yu Kitty 李德如 (BSCHC Year 3)
  • Mr. YIP Yu Cheong 葉裕昌 (BSCHC Year 3)
  • Mr. TSANG Ka Ming (BCOMPHIT Year 4)
  • Mr. HUI Hing Ho Hanon 許鑫豪 (BSCHC Year 3)
2009 Peer tutors and mentors
  • Mr. YUEN Ka Hung Johnny 袁家鴻 (BSCHC Year 3)
  • Ms. CHAN Hoi Ting Peggy 陳凱婷 (BSCHC Year 3)
  • Ms. MOK Siu Ling Lily 莫小鈴 (BSCHC Year 3)
  • Mr. FUNG Alan 馮子鍵 (BSCHC Year 3)
2008 Peer tutors and mentors
  • Mr. Dung Chun Yee Kain (BCOMPHITF Year 4)
  • Mr. Yeung Wai Tat Victor (BCOMPHITF Year 4)
  • Mr. Chung Tak Lam (BCOMPHITF Year 4)

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