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Student Achievements

Our students are competitive in contests participated by students from computing departments of other local universities. They performed particularly well in contests related to innovative projects and system integration

First Runners-Up in the IEEE (HK) Computational Intelligence Chapter FYP Competition 2018/2019
Aug 2019

Final year students LAM Yuen Ho, SO Chun Yung, and FUNG Yui Chung Samuel won the first runners-up award of the IEEE (HK) Computational Intelligence Chapter FYP Competition 2018/2019 with their paper "Intelligent Traffic Light System for Hong Kong Traffic Network". Congratulations to their achievements!



Winner in Computational Finance Competition
Dec 2018

The team of OUHK Computing student Fire Ka-Yan CHAN and OUHK BBA student CHAN Ching Hsiang beat 27 teams from local universities and were crowned "Best Overall Return" champion in the Computational Finance Competition 2018. The competition was co-organized by Global eSolutions and IEEE/HK Computational Intelligence Society. The competition involved developing strategies and algorithms for trading stocks.

由 Global eSolutions(GES) 舉辦,電機及電子工程師學會—智能運算分會協辦的「第二屆計量金融程式交易擂台」,由公大電腦的陳嘉欣同學,和公大金融學的詹景翔同學,在蔡秉文博士及呂國輝博士安排下,組成團隊。他們研發一套用於股票市場交易的程式,在二十七隊比賽隊伍中,脫穎而出,成功奪得「最佳回報」組別的冠軍。他們並同時得到「風險調整回報」組別的亞軍。他們在十二月廿一日假浸會大學舉辦的頒獎典禮暨研討會中,在GES的主席Ken Chung手中,接受證書及現金獎。



Classified Post Hackathon 2018 奪得冠軍
Nov 2018

Three final year Computing students teamed up with a student from the HK Baptist University and won the championship of the Classified Post Hackathon. The contest was organized by the South China Morning Post and was held in the Science Park in the weekend of 17-18 November. More than 30 teams joined the contest, and our team was shortlisted into the final held on 19 November and was crowned champion. They received $8000 cash prize and a trophy for their effort. Congratulations!

The team identified the issue of image building for the insurance industry, and developed a solution based on an role-playing game that simulates how insurance intersects with daily life.

南華早報所舉辦的 Classified Post Hackathon,在上周末假科學園舉行,結果由電腦系四年級學生陳子君、竺明雋和潘明震與一位浸大學生所組成的團隊奪得冠軍, 更獲得八千元獎金以及獎座作為鼓勵。恭喜各位得獎同學。


Hackathon2018A Hackathon2018B

亞太資訊及通訊科技大獎(APICTA) 2018奪取優異獎
Oct 2018

FYP students TIAN Yujia, FAN Chiu Yin and Eric LEUNG were selected to represent Hong Kong in the Asia-Pacific ICT Awards 2018, often dubbed as "Oscars of the ICT". They won the Merit Award in the Tertiary Student Category. The score of Merit Award Winners must be at least 95% of the Grand Prize Winner of the same category.


畢業年級同學田雨佳、范超然、梁裕豪再下一城,在「亞太資訊及通訊科技大獎 2018」–專上學生項目–奪取優異獎。(優異獎得主其分數必須在大獎得主的分數 95% 以上)

APICTA一向被譽為ICT業界的奧斯卡,作為香港代表隊之一,他們的得獎也幫助香港成為是次比賽的大贏家,共奪得 6個大獎及13個優異獎,創出歷屆最好成績。





First Runner-Up of FYP Competition and First Runner-up of the Postgraduate Paper Contest in the IEEE (HK) Computational Intelligence Chapter 2017/2018
Aug 2018

Tony TAM Hiu-hin, a MPhill student , won the First Runner-up of the Postgraduate Paper Contest in the IEEE HK Section Computational Intelligence Chapter. His research paper on multi-objective evolutionary clustering algorithms for time-evolving data.

Chan Yin Hei, a final year student, won first runner-up in the IEEE HK Section Computational Intelligence Chapter FYP Contest 2017/2018. The final was held on 18-Aug Saturday at the HKU. His work was on investigating different encoding schemes for deep learning based open-domain emotional chatbots. Congratulations!

2017/2018年度,電機及電子工程師學會—智能運算分會(IEEE HK Section Computational Intelligence Chapter)舉辦的畢業作品決賽在上周六假香港大學舉行,畢業年同學陳彥熹的一份關於「深度機器學習」的研究奪得亞軍。此外,哲學碩士學生譚曉軒亦憑其研究「用於時間演變集群的算法」的論文在「研究生論文比賽」中獲頒亞軍。。恭喜兩位同學!


July 2018

三位電腦學系畢業年級同學田雨佳、范超然、梁裕豪所組成的團隊Three Ys,作為其中一支香港代表,前往澳門,在2018年度「泛珠三角大學生計算機作品賽總決賽」中,奪得金獎(一等獎)。他們研製了一套「訓練家居安全及滅火的虛擬實境系統」,獲得評判青睞,在香港及內地二百多所高校中脫穎而出。恭喜!

A team formed by computing final year students TIAN Yujia, FAN Chiu Yin and Eric Leung won the Gold Award (i.e. first-class prize) in the 2018 Pan-Pearl River Delta Region IT project Competition Finals held in Macau. They were one of the two teams selected to represent Hong Kong in the earlier held regional competition. Their project titled "Home Safety Awareness and Firefighting Skills Training through Virtual Reality" impressed the judges and stood out from projects submitted by over 200 universities from the Mainland, Macau, and Hong Kong. Congratulations!

PanPRD2018A PanPRD2018B

Finalist in the 2018 Imagine Cup Hong Kong

Team NIC, formed by three final year students, fought past the first round, semi-final, and into the Finals of Microsoft Imagine Cup. They were using Microsoft AI technology in their project on Enhancing

visitor experience on revitalized historical buildings with augmented reality. Congratulations to their achievement!


A FYP Team selected as one of the winning projects for HKXF FYP+ Supporting Scheme 2018
Mar 2018

Team CLN has been selected for HKXF FYP+ Supporting Scheme 2018. They will receive $20000 as financial support to project incubation. The title of their project is "N-Trail: A Mobile AR Application for Primary Students to Learn Hong Kong Nature". It is an augmented reality application with artificial intelligence for helping primary school students recognize the species of flowers.


Nov 2017



Second Runner-Up in the IEEE (HK) Computational Intelligence Chapter Postgraduate Paper Contest 2016/2017
Aug 2017

In addition to winning the first-runner up in the UG FYP contest last year, OU Computing MPhil student Tony Tam also won the second runner-up prize in the IEEE (HK) Computational Intelligence Chapter Graduate Student Paper Competition 2016/2017. His paper is titled "Improved Activation Schema on Automatic Clustering Using Differential Evolution Algorithm".



Champion in the IEEE (HK) Computational Intelligence Chapter FYP Competition 2016/2017
Aug 2017

In the finals held on 26-Aug Saturday at HKU, Derek Leung from OUHK Computing was crowned champion with his research report "Combining Effective Two-Phase Local Search with Multi-Objective Ant-Colony Optimization". The second place was also awarded to an OUHK Computing team formed by Calvin Tsui and Vico Lai. The title of their FYP was "Classification of Short Answers for Semi-Automated Grading and Feedback in Online Assessment". The third place was awarded to a student from the City University. Congratulations to the three OUHK students who have achieved the feat. It was 2013 when OU Computing students last won a prize in this competition.

恭喜Derek Leung,Calvin Tsui及Vico Lai。他們在2016/2017年度電機及電子工程師學會—智能運算分會舉辦的畢業作品決賽中分別奪得冠軍及亞軍。決賽在剛過去的週六在香港大學舉行,入圍的參賽者均有機會發表其作品及接受評審委員質詢。這是OUHK Computing首次在是項比賽掄元。


OUHK Teams Received Award in the Challenge Cup 2017
May 2017

恭喜電腦系四年級 FLN 及 3bits 團隊,在2017年度挑戰杯香港大學生創新及創業大賽中,分別奪得三等獎及優異獎。期望他們繼續努力,在其他比賽爭取佳績。


OUHK Team Ranked 7th Among 13 Top Universities in CASH Inner-University ALGO Trading Contest Finals 2017
Feb 2017

由CASH主辦的大學生校際演算交易比賽的決賽在二月十九日舉行。經過13間大學的內部比賽,各出一隊參與決賽。公大出戰隊伍由電腦MPhil學生Tony Tam及兩名BBA學生TAM Ka Yiu以及LAM Wai Tat所組成,最終獲得第七名。公大是首次參加此項比賽,學生們獲得獎金及豐富經驗,期望繼續努力。




Four Teams of Final Year Project Students Selected in HKX Undergraduate Final Year Project Supporting Scheme 2016-2017
Nov 2016




Computing Students Won Second Prize in 13th IEEE Computational Intelligence Chapter FYP Competition
Sept 2016

互聯網科技榮譽電腦學學士課程畢業年學生譚曉軒 Tony Tam 較早前在溫哥華 IEEE WCCI 年度會議中發表了他在研究應用演化式計算於多目標優化問題的算法的論文報告。在剛剛由 IEEE Hong Kong Computational Intelligence Chapter 主辦的 Final Year Project Competition 中,譚同學的專題報告被挑選於決賽名單之中。上星期他與來至包括香港大學的其他大學參賽同學、在專業評審教授前為自己的報告作專題匯報,最後並取得亞軍的佳績。


Won Double Grand Prizes at Collegiate Competition of Educational Technology
June 2016

由國際混合學習學會(International Hybrid Learning Society)舉辦的校際教育科技項目比賽(Collegiate Competition of Educational Technology)中,公大電腦的畢業年學生再創佳績,囊括三個大獎的其中兩個,每隊獲得一萬元現金獎。豐富的獎金吸引了包括城大,理大,中大,恆管等院校的學生參加,最後入圍的八隊隊伍在六月十一日決賽,介紹各隊的作品。

奪得大獎的公大隊伍之一是萬維網科技課程四年級的陳俊傑,蘇曉豐,潘彥駿的隊伍。參賽項目是學車流動軟件,「筆試路試一Take Pass」。完全滿足學神們各種預備考試的需要,最特別的功能是「情景考量」,畫面會出現路面各種情況,而用家要作出適合的反應。恭喜同學及其指導老師Dr. WS Ho。


Web Technologies and Computing Students Won First and Second Prize at Digitoy 2016
May 2016

Two teams of computing students won the first and the second prize from Digitoy Student Project Contest 2016, with the third prize awarded to a team from the City University, in the finals held on 21-May-2016. The theme of the contest is Digital Entertainment and Toy Computing.

「Digitoy學生項目比賽」共有大約二十隊參加,5月21日決賽在明愛專上學院舉行,在包括日本著名創新科技專家東京大學稲見昌彦教授的評判團前,介紹各項創新數碼娛樂及遊戲作品。結果是公大電腦囊括冠亞軍,季軍則由一隊城大同學獲得。 稲見昌彦教授讚揚各隊的水準十分高,質素比擬他曾任評判的國際比賽。

冠軍隊是萬維網科技四年級的吳家樑,梁耀洋及許翰傑同學,主題是"A Virtual Reality Game For Exercise With Motion Capture and Muscle Sensors",指導老師是Dr. Jeff Tang。亞軍是馮琦琪,曾嘉俊及潘星宇的S2KHunter隊,主題是"Running Treasure Hunt Games with Smartphones and Indoor Positioning Technologies"

Digital2016A Digital2016B

Computing FYP Student Won Merit and Prize Money at IFMA Inter-Institutional Student Project Contest 2016
May 2016

Full-time final year Computing student Ringo Leung joined the Inter-Institution Project Competition 2016 held by the International Facility Management Association (HK Section) and received the Merit award with prize money on 5-May-2016 with supervisor Dr. Keith Lee.

恭喜Ringo Leung及導師Dr. Keith Lee,在國際設施管理學會(香港分會)(International Facility Management Association)舉辦的大學校際項目比賽中,奪得優異獎,有證書及大支票一張。梁同學的參賽項目為「環保舊智能電話變作監控工具」,也是他的畢業作品。


Computing Student Received Award of Merits at the Challenge Cup 2015
Nov 2015

Full-time final year Computing student Edward Lee received awards of merits and 3rd class prize from the Challenge Cup 2015 held in Guangzhou in Nov 2015. He also won the second runner-up prize in the IEEE Hong Kong Section Student Paper Competition


Read Project Details


Final Year Project Students received Best Paper Award at AUCC 2015
May 2015

Eight Final Year Computing and Web Technologies students presented their research work at ASEAN Undergraduate Conference in Computing (AUCC) which was held in May 2015 at the Rajabhat Rajanagarindra University in Chachoengsao, Thailand. LEE Sung Hei, LAU On Ki, and CHEONG Chi Yin won the Best Paper Award (English category) with their project work on a mobile application for library navigation. Other students also received merit recognitions.


Michael Fung and his team received Best Presentation Award
July 2014

Full-time final year Computing student Michael Fung Kwong-chiu teamed up with four other OUHK students last year to set up the social enterprise ‘Fruit Peels Family ’, using food waste to develop and produce green cleaning products. The team entered the final round of the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge 2014 and won the Best Presentation Award.




Two Web Technologies Teams won awards at the Kinect Creativity Development Competition (Kinect創意程式開發大賽)
July 2014

S&T Full-time Computing-Web Technologies Year 4 students Andy Tsui, Ng Wing Hoi, and So Chung Hei won first-runner up prize with their "Intelligent Work Desk System" and Year 3 students Rita Leung, Li Kin Lun, and Dave Fung won second runner-up prize with their "KinectSmart: Smart Home and Security" system in the Kinect Creative System Development Competition, which is co-organized by Microsoft HK and HKFYG Media 21. Special thanks to Dr. Jeff Tang of CIHE for his guidance and encouragement.

There were 4 OUHK Computing teams participated in the competition. Three of them were shortlisted in the final 10 teams.

電腦學系的同學在「Kinect創意程式開發大賽」中創出佳績。萬維網科技畢業年隊伍徐俊怡、吳泳海、蘇仲熙憑「智能辦公桌系統」奪取銀獎,而三年級生 梁楚怡、李健麟、馮國豪完成的「KinectSmart智能家居保安系統」則獲得銅獎。此比賽是由Microsoft HK及香港青年協會賽馬會Media 21媒體空間合辦。特別感謝明愛專上學院的Dr. Jeff Tang的指導及鼓勵。

共有四隊OUHK Computing同學參賽,有三隊進入決賽最後十強。


Two Fulltime Students received awards in the IEEE Computational Intelligence Chapter (HK) 10th Final Year Project Competition
Sept 2013

Fulltime Computing Year 3 students LEUNG Man Fai and Stella CHEUNG won the first runner-up and second runner-up prizes respectively in the IEEE Computational Intelligence Chapter (HK) 10th Final Year Project Competition. In his project, Man Fai investigated a new machine learning algorithm called Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). On the other hand, Stella developed a system for treating cockroach phobia based on augmented reality and graded exposure.



OUHK Fulltime Students came third in the renown ACM-HK Collegiate Programming Contest 2013
June 2013

OUHK fulltime students achieved great results in the renown ACM-HK Collegiate Programming Contest 2013 held at the University of Hong Kong on 22/6/2013. Our best team won the second runner-up prize and the other teams obtained high rank. Congratulations!

There were a total of 36 teams from the UGC institutions, the OUHK and Macau.

Team OUSMART received prize money of $1000 (plus $300 bonus) and all the teams received certificates.

Web Technologies students Geoffrey POON and YEUNG Yu Yin received third prize in the IEEE Macau Student Project Contest
May 2013

Full-time Computing-Web Technologies Year 4 students Geoffrey Poon and Yeung Yu Yin were awarded the second runner-up prize in the IEEE Macau Student Project Competition 2013 with their project on developing a low cost scanner for 3D online display of small products. It would allow online shoppers to have a 360 degree view of a product of interest.

科技學院電腦系萬維網科技課程四年級學生潘家傑及楊裕賢在2013 年度電機及電子工程師學會澳門分會學生科研項目競賽中,以作品「低成本三維小商品掃描系統」摘季。賣方可在網上展示小商品的立體圖像,供買家全方位觀看。


LUI Wing On received the First Runner-Up prize in the IEEE HK Secton Student Paper Contest
Apr 2013

The OUHK Computing BSCHCF-9707 2012 graduate Mr. LUI Wing On won the second prize in the IEEE Hong Kong Student Paper Contest 2012 Undergraduate Section. Congratulations to LUI Wing On.


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