Date and Venue

Date: 16 April, 2020 (Thursday)
Time: 13:50-16:00 (Online Live Video Conference on Microsoft Teams and Zoom)

Language: Mainly Cantonese


Chair: Prof Andrew Lui

Associate Chair: Chan Yin Hei

Host Organizations:

  • Computing Programme Team, School of Science & Technology
  • Engineering Sciences Programme Team, School of Science & Technology

Conference Programme

URL for connecting to Microsoft Teams and Zoom will be pasted here. Please make sure you have already downloaded these software packages onto your computer for better viewing experience.

Time SlotsEvents
1350 - 1400Preparation and Introduction by Prof Andrew LuiMicrosoft Teams
1400 - 1430Kinetix 倢冠科技有限公司Microsoft Teams
1430 - 1500ICO Limited 揚科有限公司Zoom
1500 - 1530Green TomatoZoom
1530 - 1600Mobigator Technology GroupZoom


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