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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Part-time Distance Learning Programmes

1. What is the difference between the Bachelor of Computing (Hons) programme and the Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computing and Networking programme?

The Bachelor of Computing with Honours in Internet Technology degree programme offers an alternative. The two programmes are very similar. A comparison of the two programmes can be found in the table below.

Table. Comparison between BSCHCN and BCOMPHIT
More all-rounded computingMore networking oriented
Graduates have the breath of understanding of theories and practices in the field of computingGraduates are well versed with the principles and application of computing and networking
Honours graduates are further enhanced with knowledge and skills in developing applications on and for the Internet.Honours graduates are euipped with in-depth understanding with selected areas in computing

2. Any Difference between an Honours Degree and Ordinary Degrees?

Honours degrees are sometimes required for the entry into postgradaute programmes, especially research based postgraduate programmes such as MPhil and PhD.

The mutli-exit system allows students to complete an ordinary degree first and then to study for a honours degree later.

Table. Comparison between Honours and Ordinary Degrees.

Ordinary DegreesHonours Degrees
Eligible for most jobs in the private and public sectorsEssential for some jobs in the public sector such as AO, SO - possibly better starting salary point.
Satisfy the requirement for some Master programmesEssential for some Master programmes with stronger emphasis in research and advanced study (eg. research MSc, MPhil or PhD)
Students' performance is only illustrated through the results of individual coursesStudents' performance is clearly identified by the Honours classification

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