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Credit Exemption in Part-time Programmes

There are two methods of applying for credit exemption in part-time programmes:

Postgraduate: Advanced Standing

Credit exemption is available for application towards the MSCITIA programme with a prior recognised postgraduate qualification. The application type is called Block Credit Transfer (BCT).

Precedents for Postgraduate Diplomas and Master's degree programmes

Apply to the Advanced Standing Office

How to Apply?
Undergraduate: Pathways

Only suitable for local recognized Higher Diploma and Associate Degree in computing area. Application procedure is simplified.

Apply directly for admisson into the pathway programmes.

Online Application

Undergraduate: Advanced Standing

Suitable for any other qualification not recognized by the pathways. Normally only post-secondary academic qualifications (those with QF level 4 or above) will be accepted.

Apply to the Advanced Standing Office

How to Apply?

Advanced standing is the conventional method of obtaining credit exemption at the OUHK. The Advanced Standing Committee and the University Senate are the final approving bodies.

The amount of credits exempted depend on a number of factors:

  • The intitution awarding the qualification.
  • Entry requirement of the qualification and the Level of study (only post-secondary level is considered)
  • Study duration and exit standard (e.g. whether there are examinations)
  • Relevancy to computing
  • The QF level


The OUHK credit exemption system largely follows a precedence-based practice.

A qualification that exactly matches a precedent case will usually be granted the same amount of credit exemption as the precedent case. The qualification to consider must be post-secondary of academic nature (with QF Level 4 or above).

Some qualifications have been assessed and given 0 credits of exemptions. They may be found in the Total Credit Value (TCV) Lists
Top-up Lists

A topup list contains rules about how to complete the remaining credits after some other credits have been exempted.

Successful applicants will be given a top-up list.

The topup list contains regulations governing how to complete the remaining credits.

BCOMP (120 credits)
COMP-01 (80 credits exempted)
COMP-05 (70 credits exempted)
COMP-04 (60 credits exempted)
COMP-03 (50 credits exempted)
COMP-02 (40 credits exempted)
BCOMPHIT (160 credits)
COMPHIT-01 (80 credits exempted)
COMPHIT-05 (70 credits exempted)
COMPHIT-04 (60 credits exempted)
COMPHIT-03 (50 credits exempted)
COMPHIT-02 (40 credits exempted)
BSCCN (120 credits)
CN-09 (80 credits exempted)
CN-07 (70 credits exempted)
CN-05 (60 credits exempted)
CN-03 (50 credits exempted)
CN-01 (40 credits exempted)
CN-11 (30 credits exempted)
BSCHCN (160 credits)
CN-10 (80 credits exempted)
CN-08 (70 credits exempted)
CN-06 (60 credits exempted)
CN-04 (50 credits exempted)
CN-02 (40 credits exempted)
CN-12 (30 credits exempted)

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