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Bachelor of Computing with Honours in Internet Technology (Senior Year Entry)

Face-to-Face Full-time BCOMPHITJS

互聯網科技榮譽電腦學學士課程 (高年班入學)



This programme has offered degree articulation opportunities for local Higher Diploma and Associate Degree holders since 2006. The curriculum is designed to be academically rich and practically oriented for preparing local sub-degree holders to become highly competent computing professionals.

Students admitted at a senior year entry point will join other students from Year 1 entry in pursuing of the degree. They can make use of the chance to build a strong personal network with their peers and many alumni of this programme who are doing well in their career.

Admission Requirements

Entry PointsAdmission Requirements
Year 2Recognized Associate Degree/Higher Diploma in any area
Year 3Recognized Associate Degree/Higher Diploma in computing or a closely related area

Students interested in this programme should apply through non-JUPAS Direct Application. The programme code is BCOMPHITJS for both Year 2 and Year 3 entry.

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Competent Graduates

Many of our graduates have realized that this programme has equipped them with sufficient practical techniques and academic training. Major local employers have found OUHK computing graduates very competent and of good attitude. Please refer to the Graduate Review page for statistics and analysis.

OUHK Computing demonstrated their strength in problem solving and academic paper writing in inter-varsity contests and competitions. Since 2011, they have won over 20 major prizes and awards, affirming their competitiveness among the UGC universities. Please refer to Student Achievements page for more details.

View the following short video (01:30) for thoughts of our 2017 Graduates about this programme.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will I indicate my preferred entry point in the application?
  • You need not indicate the entry point.
  • Unless you inform us of your preference during or after the interview, you will be considered for Year 2 or Year 3 according to the admission requirement. Normally, a holder of HD/AD in computing area will be considered for Year 3 entry.

Does my Higher Diploma or Associate Degree satisfy Year 3 admission?

Will there be an admission interview?
  • Selected applicants will be invited to an interview. Interviews play an important role in our admission decision.
  • Usually takes 40-minute and in group interview format with 3 to 8 students in each group. Get prepared for a concise self-introduction.
  • The qualities that will be assessed during the interview include personal attitude, English language competence, academic competence and aspirations.

If I miss an arranged interview, may I apply for re-scheduling?
  • If you have to miss an arranged interview, you may call the admission office 3120-2589 immediately to apply for re-scheduling.
  • Re-scheduling may not be possible due to timing and other issues, and it is offered at the discretion of the university.

My HD/AD is non-computing but I am optimistic on the IT employment prospect. Can I apply for this programme?
  • This programme is suitable for HD/AD holders from other disciplines to switch to IT/Computing career. These students will start from Year 2 for developing fundamental programming and computing techniques.

Many Year 2 Entry students achieved high performance in the past when they successfully integrated their knowledge in other areas such as business and multimedia with computing techniques.

Dr. Andrew Lui

Will there be a standard curriculum?
  • Yes, all students admitted into the programme will be given a standard curriculum to follow. Please refer to the Senior Year Entry section of the Curriculum page.
  • Students will study core courses that have the same titles as the courses they have studied in their HD/AD programme, such as software engineering or operating systems. They should be aware that these courses are taught at a higher university level.

I have a HD/AD but I wish to start from Year 1. Is it possible?
  • There are very few places available for HD/AD holders to start from Year 1 if the person qualify for the SSSDP subsidy. Please refer to the Direct Application for HD/AD Holder in the JUPAS Entry page.


Professor Vanessa Ng (Programme Leader)
Tel: 2768 5904


Professor Andrew Kwok-Fai LUI
Tel: 2768 5904


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