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Bachelor of Computing with Honours in Internet Technology

Face-to-Face Full-time

Programme Structure

The 4-year programme consists of a balanced set of subject-area courses, language courses, and general education courses.

 Core Computing Courses80 Credits
 General Education Courses20 Credits
 Outside-discipline Elective Courses10 Credits
 Project Courses and Elective Courses in Internet Technology40 Credits
 English Enhancement Courses10 Credits
 Total160 Credits
Core Courses
 IT S102FComputing Fundamentals5
 IT S103FIntroduction to Internet Application Development5
 COMP S208FIntroduction to Computer Programming5
 COMP S209FData Structures, Algorithms, and Problem Solving5
 COMP S202FJava Programming Fundamentals5
 COMP S203FIntermediate Java Programming and User Interface Design5
 COMP S264FDiscrete Mathematics5
 COMP S265FDesign and Analysis of Algorithms5
 COMP S266FComputer Architecture5
 COMP S267FOperating Systems5
 COMP S312FJava Application Development5
 COMP S313FMobile Application Programming5
 COMP S320FDatabase Management5
 COMP S321FAdvanced Database and Data Warehousing5
 COMP S350FSoftware Engineering5
 COMP S351FSoftware Project Management5
Project Courses and Elective Courses in Internet Technology
 COMP S451FComputing Project20
 COMP S456FSoftware System Development Project10
 Course ListElective Courses in Internet Technologies20 - 30
General Education, Language and Other Courses
 Course List10 Credits General Education Courses10
 Course List10 Credits English Language Enhancement Courses10
 Course List10 Credits Outside Discipline Elective Course10

The programme requirements & the courses on offer are subject to amendment

Senior Year Entry

Students admitted through a senior year entry point (Year 2 or Year 3) will be required to complete around 85 to 125 credits. Please refer to the Study Plan.

Intended Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the BCOMPHITJ programme, students should be able to:

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