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To produce competent and professional graduates for the need of the society through dedicated teaching and research.

Motto of OU Computing Graduates

Work hard, work smart, work for the good of the society

Work Hard (勤奮地工作)

The basis of all achievements is hard working.


Work Smart (精明地工作)

Through professional attitude, relentless innovations, and sensible decision-making, working smart gives you the efficiency and effectiveness for achieving your targets.


Work for the good of the society (為社會的美善工作)

Remember the needs of your family, your friends, and other people, because you are already relatively privileged an university student. Use your abilities to serve the society.


Desired OUHK Graduate Attributes

The Open University of Hong Kong expects its graduates to:

  • be competent academically and in related professional contexts;
  • recognize the value of lifelong learning;
  • think critically, analytically and creatively;
  • communicate effectively;
  • contribute constructively in teamwork, including playing a leadership role;
  • be responsible citizens, ready to contribute to society; and
  • consider relevant issues from global and multicultural perspectives

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